Orange is a Belgian telecom provider. They participated in some of the events around the release of the movie “The Smurfs and the Lost Village” and they wanted to hand out some goodies in order to make a greater impact with their marketing efforts. We created a coloring book for them with drawings of the Smurfs. The result is a fun little book which fitted easily into goodie bags.

The brand in this case is only present on the covers which they designed themselves because of strict internal regulations on their graphic charter.

Brussels Airlines

Travelling by airplane can be really boring for kids. Even before they get on the plane they have to wait in line to check in, to go through security, etc. And then they have to sit still for another couple of hours on the plane to get to their destination. Brussels Airlines wanted to make this experience more pleasant for kids by giving out fun gadgets to occupy themselves in silence on Brussels Airlines flights. For this, they partnered with another Belgian icon, the Smurfs. We created 2 different products: a coloring book and a book with vinyl stickers, personalized with the Brussels Airlines logo.

A coloring book is always a nice gift, but with vinyl stickers, kids get to be even more creative. They are repositionable which means kids can keep on creating their own scenes on the background and invent stories with the characters. And of course, real stickers weren’t an option inside of an airplane: the seats would be covered with them in no time. The goodies were a success, they kept kids busy and were “very much appreciated by their passengers”.


In 2017, Skoda had a partnership with the Smurfs for their advertising because of the release of the movie “The Smurfs and the lost village”. In the context of this bigger marketing action, they wanted to provide a fun animation for kids at the Brussels Car Show. We created a tailor-made gadget: a coloring book featuring both the Smurfs and Skoda’s cars which we drew for them.

When families visited the Skoda stand at the Car Show, they were greeted by two Smurfs. They could take pictures with them and then they would receive the coloring book as a promotional gift to take home with them.

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