Infrabel manages the railway infrastructure in Belgium. Since there are still numerous accidents involving trains each year, they wanted to educate kids about the dangers around railways. We developed an educational book that teachers can order for free on Infrabel’s website. When they teach a class on this subject, they can use the book as a support.

Throughout the book, children learn how to be safe in three distinct places: on the platform at the station, at a crossing, and along the train tracks. Thanks to the fun activities, they will know perfectly how to stay safe when close to trains. Further, they will become real Infrabel ambassadors who spread the word to their friends and families about the dangers of crossing train tracks, walking along train tracks, or standing on train platforms.

20th Century Fox

For 20th Century Fox France, we created game posters to help them promote their movie “Baby Boss”. A little poster is a handy format to be distributed at events when people don’t have room to put away a big book, but because you can fit multiple games on there, it is still a fun gift which will occupy kids for a while.

Pairi Daiza

For Pairi Daiza, we created an entire collection of books to be sold in their gift shop. All titles were personalized for them with their logo and/or drawings of their park. We selected the titles in such a way that there would be something for people of every age. For their youngest guests, there was a cardboard book with a little plush elephant in it in which you can stick your finger to make it move. This way the story really comes to life for little kids when reading it to them.

For older kids, we created various other titles. First of all, coloring books for which we drew all kinds of animals that can be found in Pairi Daiza. There were also books with stencils of animals, allowing kids to really get creative and draw their own scenes with animals in the provided décor. Furthermore, we created educational “Animal Quiz” books in which children learn everything about animals with the help of fun questions. Another concept consisted of a “dot to dot” book where children have to connect the dots in order to draw different animals. Lastly, we didn’t forget the adults: we also offered coloring books for adults based on the décor of Pairi Daiza.

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