Pairi Daiza

For Pairi Daiza, we created an entire collection of books to be sold in their gift shop. All titles were personalized for them with their logo and/or drawings of their park. We selected the titles in such a way that there would be something for people of every age. For their youngest guests, there was a cardboard book with a little plush elephant in it in which you can stick your finger to make it move. This way the story really comes to life for little kids when reading it to them.

For older kids, we created various other titles. First of all, coloring books for which we drew all kinds of animals that can be found in Pairi Daiza. There were also books with stencils of animals, allowing kids to really get creative and draw their own scenes with animals in the provided décor. Furthermore, we created educational “Animal Quiz” books in which children learn everything about animals with the help of fun questions. Another concept consisted of a “dot to dot” book where children have to connect the dots in order to draw different animals. Lastly, we didn’t forget the adults: we also offered coloring books for adults based on the décor of Pairi Daiza.


In 2017, Skoda had a partnership with the Smurfs for their advertising because of the release of the movie “The Smurfs and the lost village”. In the context of this bigger marketing action, they wanted to provide a fun animation for kids at the Brussels Car Show. We created a tailor-made gadget: a coloring book featuring both the Smurfs and Skoda’s cars which we drew for them.

When families visited the Skoda stand at the Car Show, they were greeted by two Smurfs. They could take pictures with them and then they would receive the coloring book as a promotional gift to take home with them.


Unilever was looking for an original premium for an activation at their point of sales for their margarine brands. We developed a coloring book with all kinds of different animals. The beautiful drawings have little pops of color to make them more attractive. Additionally, the use of color allows for educational exercises that are integrated into the drawings: kids have to figure out themselves how to color in the pictures by following codes with shapes and numbers. The handle shape makes it easy for kids to carry their book themselves.

The books were presented to consumers in displays next to the margarine section where they could take one for free when they bought 3 portions of margarine. Unilever was really happy with this activation, since “45.000 books were all gone within 3 days, so the action was a big success”.

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