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We noticed millennial consumers care more and more about a brand’s stance on social/economic issues such as sustainability. This means that for brands, authenticity is key. Furthermore, they cannot rely on digital alone, especially when communicating towards families. People still like to receive “real”, physical gifts and parents think their kids already spend way too much time in front of their screens. Books have a high emotional value, and they lend much credibility to your brand with parents. The fun content allows kids to learn while playing and they’ll focus much longer on a book than on a screen.

Thanks to the fun and educational content we create, a brand provides a fun moment for the entire family. Through playing with coloring books and game books, crafting, enjoying activities together, etc. they connect and create memories together thanks to your brand, ensuring an emotional connection. Because our product is tailor-made, everything is possible, giving you the opportunity to create a unique premium for your brand which ensures a true relation with your consumers. This way, you can educate them and their kids about your brand or about causes that are important to you through games and activities, allowing them to learn in a fun and playful manner and contributing to their growth and development.

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